Vegan Fiesta Hellas

What is Veganism

Veganism is the way of life according to which humans avoid participating in activities and products that are produced through the abuse of animals.

That is, a vegan person does not eat or buy animal products, such as meat, dairy, eggs and honey. He/she also does not wear fur, leather, wool and silk, does not use cosmetics, detergents or other products tested on laboratory animals and does not visit circuses and parks/zoos with animals in captivity.

Below are some misunderstandings that people may have, if they do not know the correct meaning of veganism:

  • If a food contains even a tiny bit of milk, or meat, or butter, or any other animal product, then that food is NOT vegan
  • If a food (eg french fries) has been cooked in oil that was previously used to fry meats or other animal products, then that food is NOT vegan
  • If a food was cooked in a utensil in which animal products were previously cooked and that utensil was not washed, then that food is NOT vegan
  • If a food was cooked next to or with animal products (eg meat with baked potatoes or pizza with ham), then that food is NOT vegan, EVEN if the animal products are removed afterwards.
  • Organic milk (from an animal) is NOT vegan
  • Lactose-free animal milk is NOT vegan
  • Butter is NOT vegan
  • Taramas (fish eggs) is NOT vegan
  • Animal derivatives from animals that “lived happily” on grass land or family farms are NOT vegan
  • Honey is NOT vegan, even if beekeepers “love” their bees
  • Vegan and vegetarian are not the same. A vegetarian might eat dairy, eggs and honey, and not eat meat and fish. A vegan does not eat any animal products.
  • Foods containing marine animals (fish, octopus, shrimp, etc.) are NOT vegan
  • A vegan NEVER eats animal products.

We suggest you watch one of the speeches below, which will fascinate and inspire you to learn more about veganism.

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Vegan videos for kids