Vegan Fiesta Hellas

Friends & Partners

If you don’t have money, beauty or important contacts in life, nothing is going to be given to you ready-made. For months, we had been trying to get this event started, there have been many backs turned and many doors closed. No one was impressed by our dreams, plans and enthusiasm for work. Even when we offered money to professional event organizers, they wanted an easy pay and fame, and were not willing to invest into something new.

Fortunately we were lucky enough to meet people who share the same purpose in life as us – which is to spread the vegan lifestyle for the sake of animals.

For this reason we are very grateful to the following valueable friends who gave their time to support this event, when it was still on point zero.

We highly recommend them for business partnerships, so if you need their services, please feel free to contact them. We also suggest you follow their work.

Roman – Graphics Designer
Designs: logo, banner, websites, mobile and desktop applications.
Video editing.

Location: Thessaloniki.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Figma


Veganário – Organizers of Lisbon Veganário Fest

“We started Veganario Fest in 2008, since then we’ve grown from a small friends and family celebration to the biggest Vegan Festival in Portugal. Our goal is to gather the vegan community and empower the transition of people and businesses into a full adoption of a vegan way of living.”

Irene – data analyst

School of Organization and Business Administration graduate
Digital marketing services
Special interest in Sustainability

Giannis – architect

Department of Architectural Engineering, University of Patras