Vegan Fiesta Hellas

What is Vegan Fiesta Hellas

Vegan Fiesta Hellas is a celebration dedicated to veganism and its spread.
Veganism is the way of life according to which people avoid participating in activities and products that are produced through the abuse of animals. Thus a vegan person does not eat or buy animal products, such as meat, dairy, eggs and honey. He/she also does not wear fur, leather, wool and silk, does not use cosmetics, detergents or other products tested on laboratory animals and does not visit circuses and zoos with animals in captivity.

A diet without animal products might seem boring, non-nutritional, unhealthy, or even expensive.
Vegan Fiesta Hellas will prove all these concerns and prejudices wrong by proving the exact opposite. The vegan diet is suitable for everyone and has endless delicious, healthy and economical options.

The market for vegan products is expanding worldwide, while the vegan lifestyle is considered by many experts as one of the most important trends of our time, as well as the most ecologically sustainable and ethical choice.

At Vegan Fiesta Hellas you will be able to try pure and delicious products of the Greek cuisine, but also the cuisine of other countries, thus getting a “taste” of what the future has to offer. You will meet new companies that believe in sustainability and offer products that you have never tried before.

Veganism does not mean sacrifice. It means gaining, because not only do you not deprive yourself of some taste, but your food will become healthier and tastier. Veganism also means life, because there is no need to sacrifice the lives of innocent creatures for a momentary pleasure to the taste buds, which we get along with so many other substances that are toxic to our health. Vegan Fiesta means celebrating the lives of innocent creatures that will be spared from here on out. It also means celebration of our own rebirth.

They say knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss. When having an opportunity for an easy, instant pleasure it may seem easy to say “I don’t want to know how this was made”. Vegan Fiesta Hellas, however, will prove that the awareness of following an ethical and ecological lifestyle can provide greater happiness than only caring about what you egotistically get. “What you give is what you get” and by living a vegan lifestyle we can share love and respect for our fellow humans, animals and Mother Nature.

  • A healthy diet alone is not enough.
  • A life free of violence and stress alone is not enough.

When these two are not done in parallel and harmoniously, then they cancel each other out.

Vegan Fiesta Hellas is a combination of a festival of food, wellness, health and fun.
The three pillars in the logo represent the three values of veganism and the reasons for someone to go vegan, namely health, ecology/environmental protection and ethics.
The three pillars also represent the purposes of creating this event, which is to help people evolve into the tripartite of body-mind-soul and release their best selves.

This event is not made for us to get famous or gain profit. It’s not just a hobby. It is a non-profit event with sentimental value and life-long purpose for us. In Japanese philosophy, this term is called “ikigai” and denotes something that aligns with our abilities, desires and the needs of the planet.

Vegan Fiesta Hellas is a tribute to the innocent creatures that suffer every day because of humans, and to Mother Nature that is polluted by animal agriculture.
It draws strength and energy from the memory of our beloved pets, who may no longer be with us, but thanks to them we will always serve the principle that animals also have a soul.
It draws knowledge and wisdom from the works of vegan speakers like Gary Yourofsky, Emily from the Bite Size Vegan channel, and Earthling Ed.
It draws inspiration and hope from any moral/activistic act (from feeding a stray animal to a large protest against animal abuse).

The idea of this event started during the period of the corona virus. Quarantine and the risk of infection had filled us with thoughts and fears, such as:

  • “These may be the last days of our lives”
  • “When we grow old and be alone, we will be wondering what meaning there was in our lives and whether we did anything that had some value. Are we leaving behind something worthwhile, that is going to stay, or are we just leaving behind some non-recyclable garbage?”

With the will, the obligation and the need to do more, the idea of this event was born, and we hope it will stay alive forever.

Many people are concerned with what they can get and what temporary and self-centered pleasures they can have while they are alive. But few are concerned with what they can give.

They say “fight for your dreams and your dreams will fight for you”.

We continue while being addicted to the feeling we get when we do a moral act.
We won’t stop. We must not stop.

Our appetite for work, along with the support of valuable friends, will compose the recipe for success for Vegan Fiesta Hellas.