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Replies to Anti-Vegan Memes

Below we respond to various memes intended to mock veganism, vegetarians and/or animals and ecology.
Since these memes have no logical substance and are made only to mock, our response style may be stern or sarcastic, depending on the topic.
This page will be updated frequently, so please come back later to see answers to more questions.
Answers that have already been written may also be modified to make them easier to understand or to add information.

Last updated: August 2nd, 2023

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Responses to Anti-Vegan Criticisms

Dear vegans, if you are trying to save the animals, stop eating their food

If we don’t stay alive, how will we continue to try to save animals?

Do you care about your society? If so, why do you go to the supermarket and get food that people in your society could eat? Why do you open the refrigerator at home and take out food that your family members could eat?
Could it be because there enough food for everyone?

Many foods that vegans eat, such as pasta, lentils, rice, and many types of fruits and vegetables, are not consumed by farmed animals.
On the other hand, things that non-vegans eat, such as dairy and honey, are indeed the food of other animals, which has been stolen from them.
So non-vegans are the ones who mostly eat the food of other animals.

Apparently behind the message of this shirt is the implication that vegans only eat grass. If you think that’s smart, then you better wear a t-shirt that say “I’m dumb, help me”.

Also, the animals that vegans are trying to save are being abused and killed because of your own consumption choices. That is, you finance their abuse and murder. So it’s hypocritical to now pretend you care about these animals just to make fun of vegans.
Normally the t-shirt should read “Dear vegans, if you are trying to save the animals, keep telling us not to eat them”.

Next time, instead of wearing t-shirts with stupid and invalid messages, it is better to wear a t-shirt with some message of love, charity, ecology or philanthropy.

"Vegetarian" is an old indian word for bad hunter

Actually the word “vegetarian” comes from the Latin vegetus meaning “fresh”, “full of vitality”, which is the feeling one gets after becoming a vegetarian. The word became popular with the formation of “The Vegetarian Society” in Ramsgate in the UK in 1847.

Anyway, thank you for your historical theory. Tell us more about the hunting you do in the supermarket.

We have never found a cave painting of a salad

We also haven’t found cave paintings of prehistoric people using cell phones and wiping themselves with toilet paper when going to the bathroom.

So since you admire them so much, go live in the jungle as they did.

When you meet another vegan and you're both happy AF, but then you both die of protein deficiency

We would like to see at least one study showing how many vegans have died from lack of protein.
All foods have protein. Soybeans, chickpeas, mushrooms and nuts have a lot.
Also, meeting another vegan is not that rare, because veganism is spreading and more and more people are learning about the health risks of eating animal products.
You can simply type “vegan” into Facebook search and you will find many groups and pages about veganism.

There's no way to do the vegan diet wrong.
Ex-vegans became ill because they "did it wrong".
The baby only die because the parents didn't "feed them vegan" properly.
Veganism is the healthiest and easiest diet of all!

Note: This meme implies that vegans look ridiculous when they promote a vegan diet, because (supposedly) a vegan diet is not healthy. And the vegan diet isn’t healthy because some people tried it and they were not healthy.
But this is where the real ridiculousness comes in, because:

  • when someone tries veganism and isn’t healthy then people immediately say that veganism is to blame
  • but, when tens of thousands of non-vegans are suffering and dying from diseases that have been linked to eating animal products, then it’s not the fault of eating animal products, it’s their own fault for not taking care of their health.

That’s called “double standards”.

So, we can play this game too:
– There is no way meat-eating can go wrong
– Those ex-meat eaters who became vegans got sick because they were eating wrong
– All those children suffering from obesity and adults dying from cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes etc. were because they were not fed properly
-Eating meat is the healthiest and most ecological diet of all

- I would do anything for love...
- Really?! Go vegan!
- But I won't do that!

Then he wouldn’t do anything for love, and the “love” he refers to is obviously only a temporary sexual excitement.

How is it that he says he loves his partner and would do anything, but chooses to do what hurts her the most (ie funding the abuse and killing of innocent creatures for the sake of an unnecessary taste)?
So he talks a big game, but doesn’t walk the walk.

Veganism is a more ecological way of life and therefore a sign of respect and love for animals and the environment.

The thing that we drool when the electric knife cuts the meat-gyro, do vegans get the same with the lawnmower?

This is not a correct comparison, as the gyro has been processed, it has been modified so that it does not resemble a corpse and it has been marinated with sauces and spices – of vegetable origin – to get the taste and smell that it has.
While the lawn is in its original form when it is cut.

But for the sake of your argument (and for your enjoyment), we’ll admit that we drool when the lawn is mowed.
And now the right question is:
The thing that vegans drool when the lawn is mowed, do meat-eaters get the same when animals’ throats are getting slit?

 - Would you like some lamb?
 - No, thanks, I'm vegan.
- The lamb was also vegan and you see what happend to it.

If this meme is supposed to disparage the killing of an innocent creature, then you need to learn to respect and speak properly to people you just met.

If this comment has an implied threat (that the same things that happened to the lamb will also happen to us), then you should be aware that according to article 333 of Law 4619/2019:
Whoever causes terror or alarm to another by threatening him with violence or other unlawful act or omission shall be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or a fine.

Vegans have actually seen what is happening to the animals in slaughterhouses. Do you have the courage to see?

Soy minced meat, stevia freddo, vegan souvlaki...
You're idiots, right????

No, we are normal people who care about animals and the environment and wish to lead a more ethical and ecological lifestyle.
We continue to enjoy meals that we ate before going vegan, we simply replace the animal ingredients with plant-based ones. This is how we make these meals tastier, healthier, more ethical and not disgusting.

What do you consume? Mincemeat from the corpses of innocent animals who were murdered in the most fascist way, freddo with cow secretions, bee-vomit, hen period…

Steps to go vegan:
1) don't

Steps to not follow a more ethical and ecological lifestyle:
1) don’t

You are what you eat
So eat meat
Don't be a vegetable

You are what you eat.

So eat natural food.

Don’t be a carcass.

Dear vegetarians, even plants think that you're wrong.

Whatever you put in the “mouth” of the particular plant, it will close.

So plants are not capable of thinking.

Vegan: I don't eat meat because I respect nature.
Nature: ...

This is a logical fallacy called “appeal to nature,” which assumes that what is natural is also good.
Yes, very bad things happen in nature, but that should not dictate how we should behave.
We are supposed to have moral principles and be able to tell right from wrong.

When vegans say they respect nature they mean they respect the environment.
Livestock farming is the biggest cause of water pollution and the main cause of deforestation.
So vegans, out of respect for nature, do not support livestock farming.

Also, when vegans say they respect nature, they may mean they also respect human nature.
Humans by nature are herbivore animals.
We don’t have sharp claws and teeth like omnivorous animals. Instead we have flat claws and teeth.
The length of our small intestine is long in relation to the length of our body, while in omnivorous animals it is short, in order to expel meat immediately from their bodies, because it rots quickly.
Therefore, vegans also respect their bodies and do not consume food that is unnatural and toxic to them.

See detailed table that compares the anatomy of humans with herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and proves that humans are herbivores by nature.

Also, humans have zero carnivorous instincts, thus the picture of this meme will cause negative feelings to many.
If you believe that humans are omnivores, do you have the slightest desire to devour any animal and swallow it raw, with its fur, blood, organs and dirt?

Hey vegetarians, explain these!

Explain what exactly…? Oh yes, there are 2 teeth in the human mouth, which are a bit sharper than the rest.
And since people call them canines, for some reason they think they are suitable for cutting raw meat like omnivorous animals.
Have you ever tried eating raw meat with your famous canines?
We also have something on the tips of our fingers called nails. We don’t call them claws like lions have.
Many herbivores have canines, such as horses, cows and hippos – and even bigger than yours. Canines in herbivores are for chewing hard fruits and nuts.

A question also arises: if someone for any reason (gum disease, accident, old age, etc.) loses their canine teeth, does that mean they now become a herbivore animal?

But let’s say for the sake of argument that we are indeed omnivores by nature. It has already been proven that we can live healthy lives as vegans and that the animal products industry is the biggest ecological damage on the planet and kills trillions of animals every year.
And you’re glad you found an excuse to keep funding this industry, because we have canines?
If that was the best you could do, then your mind is like your canines: overrated and not very “sharp”.

"I'm allergic to gluten, dairy, nuts and I'm vegan. What can I get?"
Waiter: The F out of here

If this is how a waiter talks to customers, then we don’t see him keeping his job for long.
So the waiter is probably the one who will get the F out of there.

Many restaurants and steakhouses have already added vegan options to their menu.
But what kind of restaurant is that? Doesn’t it have any food with rice, chickpeas, beans, lentils, potatoes, mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, and other things that this particular vegan customer could eat?
Doesn’t it have a cook who could change the ingredients in a meal and make it vegan?
If not, then the restaurant is probably the one that will get the F out of there.

*vegan food

Throwing away food is disrespectful to Mother Nature and to the farmer/producer and to the cook, and of course to yourself, as you give such a bad impression. It is a sin to throw away food, especially since there are so many homeless and poor people all over the planet. If you don’t want the vegan food, at least give it to someone else.

Your parents and/or grandparents may have lived through very difficult times and tried to make a better life for you by giving you what you wanted whenever you wanted it.

Don’t be ungrateful. Be grateful for what you have.

Also, the question arises: if you throw away vegan food, does that mean that every day you eat only animal products? If so, this is very worrying for your health.

- Dad, why am I named Rose?
- When you were young a rose fell on your head.

Dad, why am I named Daisy?
When you were young a daisy fell on your head.

I buy vegan cat food.
Oh hey Brick.

So, first the father did not take good care of his child and let him get hit on the head by a brick.

And then he named him “Brick” so that he would be bullied by his classmates.

Maybe someone else should be called “Brick”.

On the topic of vegan cat food, see our response to the meme below as well.

Think Mark! Why would vegan catfood even exist if every cat alive right now is an obligate carnivore? They're making money off stupid people who kill cats.

If we don’t feed the cats, you’ll call us speciesists.
If we feed the cats meat, you’ll call us hypocrites.
If we feed the cats vegan, you’ll call us abusers.

Please decide what you want us to do.

Anyway, we’re glad you care about the cats. Instead of making dumb memes like this, why don’t you use your time and energy on something more productive? E.g. donate money to an animal charity that will do sterilizations, or start a rally to ask the state to build shelters.

Maybe then you can save the stray cats from the vegans.

Troll eats burger in front of vegan protestors

Some might think this person has guts to eat meat in front of vegans. But he’s actually a coward, because he knows that veganism is a movement of love and no one will attack him, the vegans are also in a stagnant, peaceful protest.
But even if this happens, he knows that he will have protection from his fellow citizens and that he will be able to be compensated and “vindicated” and thus fulfill his purpose, which is to gain attention, even more quickly.

When you know you can hide behind the law and your society, then you are not brave.
Instead, the brave ones are the protestors, who dedicate their time to a just cause. Even though they are comparatively much less, they risk their physical and mental health and risk being ridiculed by their society.

The person who eats meat shows by this act that he has great insecurity and that he has no logical or moral argument to justify eating meat.
That’s why he tries to manipulate vegans emotionally, because he thinks that if he makes them angry or upset, then he’s won the argument.
This psychological phenomenon is called “Duper’s delight” and refers to the pleasure narcissists feel when they can emotionally manipulate someone (make them sad, angry etc.). This is evident from the fact that this person enjoys his act.

Often non-vegans complain that vegans are being annoying and so they want to annoy vegans too.
But when the non-vegan buys and eats meat in front of the vegan to annoy him, then he becomes worse than what he condemns the vegans for.
Because by buying meat, he finances the abuse and murder of an innocent creature, which did not hurt anyone.

So is this act something that person can be proud of?
Is it an act that can bring something good to the world?
Or is it bullying?

The picture shows 2 completely different kinds of people.
On the one hand, a narcissistic troll, who wants to gain likes and lacks empathy.
And on the other hand, some protesters who choose to remain anonymous and don’t want to gain fame. Instead they want the world to know about the rights of animals that are wrongfully abused and killed.

Also, it is not to his benefit that this person has been recorded.
Because at some point he will be called upon to explain these immature actions to his friends or partner or children, who may become vegan.
Hopefully then he will be able to mature and be forgiven (both by others and by himself) and use this shame as motivation to do things that will be truly admirable.

Been eating twice as much as meat just so that one vegan that thinks they making a difference is actually making no difference at all

In life you have the opportunity to become 100 positive, worthwhile things, but for some reason you choose to become a greedy person. Why so much hatred for your fellow humans, animals and the environment?

Obviously this behavior of yours stems from insecurity and you want to piss us off, because it will somehow make you feel better.

We feel more sorry for you and wonder what tragic things may have happened in your life for you to act this way. Usually hurt people like to hurt others.

We suggest you see the matter with a psychologist. We hope you can find love in your life and be able to share it with everyone – be it people, animals, or the environment.

Also, a vegan can have a positive influence on other people and they might also cut meat.
So if you want to undo all the difference a vegan makes, then you’ll have to eat a lot more meat, which of course we don’t recommend, because that way you’ll get sick even faster.
That is, your hatred of others will eventually destroy you.

If bacon's what kills me, then I win.

No, sir. Early death for the sake of a temporary pleasure is not a victory.

You can go to any hospital and talk to people suffering from cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes or other diseases that have been linked to eating animal products. You may see many who are suffering and have regretted not taking care of their health.

At a vegan wedding do they sing "In my child's celebration I slaughtered two broccoli"?

Note: This meme is a reference to a famous greek song that says “in my child’s celebration I slaughtered the rooster”.

We searched the internet and couldn’t find this song. So probably no one sings it. And the reason obviously is that in a joyous event like a wedding, we don’t want to say bad words like slaughter – which means killing an animal with a knife.

There are a bunch of other songs we can sing at a wedding.

What you should be asking yourself is “when will people finally stop equating their joy with animal abuse?”.

Damn! I stepped in some crap...

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), animal agriculture is the biggest cause of water pollution and causes more pollution than all other industrial sources and all modes of public transportation combined (cars, ships, trains, airplanes). Animals in US slaughterhouses alone produce about 500 million tons of manure each year. Manure from farmed animals contains elements of salts and heavy metals, which end up in water and destroy aquatic life.
Livestock also contributes to the production of 37% of methane emissions (CH4), which has over 20 times the global warming potential of CO2.
So it’s not veganism the one that is crap.

All animals want to live... where do you draw the line?

Note: This image was originally a vegan campaign asking people to think that all animals want to live and to think about on which animals they recognize and respect that desire.
But in the picture, it was already noted that humans actually make the distinction between pets and farmed animals. So the point was to ask people why they draw the line there, so that ideally they could reconsider their act and respect the wish of all animals to live.

But one anti-vegan noted the following implied responses:

– “On a normal day I would eat ducks, cows, pigs and chickens.”

A “normal” day for these creatures is to be confined in a cage, amidst the feces and screams of other animals who will be slaughtered.
So why shouldn’t these creatures be entitled to live a normal life?

– “In a financial crisis I would eat ducks, cows, pigs, chickens, but also horses and rabbits.”

The production of animal products causes enormous ecological disasters.
So if you hope the planet doesn’t find itself in an even worse economic crisis, then you better support the vegan diet.

– “In an apocalyptic judgment I would eat any animal.”

If some apocalyptic crisis comes, perhaps from an alien attack, for example, you should hope the aliens don’t want to eat you for the same fascist reasons you eat animals.

“I wouldn’t eat any animal if I was trying to bang a vegan chick.”

It is very shameful that men lie and fool women to get them to have sex with them.
They obviously tell these lies because they are sex addicts and worthless as people, and they know they are not good enough to win a woman’s trust. And they are not “man” enough to tell the truth in the first place, that sex is all they want.
They just want to take what they want and disappear, not considering that they may be leaving the woman behind feeling raped, dirty and traumatized. They shame her and they shame all the women in their family, especially their mother.
Unfortunately, “men” who do not respect women as characters and see them only for the pleasures they can gain from their bodies, do the same to animals.

So whoever wrote these answers on the picture to pretend to be smart, all he proved is that he is dumb, a liar, selfish and that he does not respect women or animals.
We recommend an immediate visit to a psychologist.

- Did you murder all these people?
- They weren't people, officer. They were vegans.

That’s racist…

I laugh a lot when I read something about recycling, especially every morning when I leave for work and see the same garbage man empty both the blue and the green (bin) into the same truck.

No, when you see that there is a problem in your neighborhood, you should not be laughing.
You should be calling your municipality and state your complaints as a citizen so that they can take care of the matter. And you should motivate your acquaintances to do the same. If you are too shy to call your municipality, you can at least send an email.

When we see a problem, we need to solve it as soon as possible, before it gets worse.
Now the problem is in your neighborhood and you laugh. When the problem arrives outside your door or on the beach where you want to swim, then you will not laugh, you will complain, but it will be too late.

The countries that have achieved the highest recycling rate, such as Germany and South Korea, did so thanks to citizens who showed interest, discipline and helped. It was certainly not thanks to the citizens who mock and hide behind their finger.

Fortunately, plastic straws have been banned and now the planet will be saved

The reason plastic straws exist is because consumers want (not need) them to enjoy a taste.
But due to the ecological footprint that plastic straws leave, at some point the right decision had to be made to ban them.
The reason paper straws exist is to meet the egocentric demands of consumers, like those who make such stupid memes to mock and complain about everything, but doing nothing good for this planet.

No one is saying that the planet will be saved just because plastic straws were banned. What this particular meme does is called a “straw man fallacy,” a logical fallacy in which someone presents a variant of an argument and attacks that variant argument in order to more easily debunk it.

Eliminating plastic straws is part of the solution to the problem of environmental pollution. But this meme “complains” that the problem of pollution is still not completely solved and thus uses another logical fallacy, called the “Nirvana Fallacy” or “Fallacy of the Perfect Solution”.
In this logical fallacy one sees the whole situation in black and white and dismisses an act because it is not the perfect solution.
But what is the optimal solution that you would suggest?
If you think there is some practical and realistic way to replace all non-ecological things with their ecological counterparts overnight, we would love to hear it.

Either way, several flights already emit less CO2 and research efforts continue to make them as ecological as possible.
So, instead of making false dilemmas, you should normally be happy because we are progressing with small but important steps to build a better tomorrow.

The reason all these non-ecological things exist is because of the demand of the world.
So now it is the people’s responsibility to see to it that they are replaced.
Do you want to be one of those people who criticize and mock those who go out of their way to do something good for the planet, when not only do they not provide any solution, but they make the situation worse?
Or would you like to become someone who praises these efforts and wants to make a difference?

Note: Marine animals may now be able to live a little better if there are no plastic straws ending up in their mouths and noses.

Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want is for things to remain the same but get better.
Sydney J. Harris
Oh my God, how idiots they are. They will let all the trees burn and then we won't be able to make paper straws to save the planet.

Who are you referring to as idiots? The politicians? The firefighters? Or to people like you who hide behind their finger?

Normally the text on the image should read “Oh my God, how idiot am I. Forests are being destroyed, people and animals are being burned alive and all I’m looking to do is make a mockery of ecology.”

About paper straws, since you don’t like them, either buy metal ones that will be multi-purpose, or better yet, don’t use straws at all.