Vegan Fiesta Hellas

Exhibitors – Vegan Fiesta & International Yoga Day 2023

The companies that participated in Vegan Fiesta Hellas, which took place in the context of the International Day of Yoga 2023.

You can click on their names for more information and to see the products they brought to the event.

Touch of Pure

Vegan deodorants with prebiotics, deodorant crystal and wild olive oil

Soap up project

Eco friendly, vegan, zero waste, pure soap bars

Vegan Carousel

The 100% vegan dreamy grocery store of foods and beverages


Support services to improve the lives of citizens

Energy Therapy

Food and Beverage Activators - Energy jewelry

To Votano

Herbs, spices and organic products

Healthy Nutrition | Eco Friendly Products | Sustainable Living

PASTA Boukis

Traditional Pasta Workshop


Nut butters & more