Vegan Fiesta Hellas

Exhibitors – Vegan Fiesta Hellas 2022

The companies that participated in Vegan Fiesta Hellas.

You can click on their names for more information and to see the products they brought to the event.

Yokaba Greece

Vegan Nail Polish & Vegan Manicure Products

Soap up project

Eco friendly, vegan, zero waste, pure soap bars

Vegan Carousel

The 100% vegan dreamy grocery store of foods and beverages

Touch of Pure

Vegan deodorants with prebiotics, deodorant crystal and wild olive oil

DXN - Alexandra Sagana

Prevention and treatment with the help of nature!


Vegan household cleaners and kitchenware

Peace by Peas

Soy tempeh - Chickpea tempeh

Bio Forest Food

Nuts for health from Arcadia

EvLOGIMENO nistisimo

There are many types of cheese… and then there is EvLOGIMENO. “A blessing”.

Spirulina Supreme

100% Greek natural spirulina in flakes, powder, tablets and bars


Vegan snacks, coffee, sweets. Yoga, pilates, stretching, massage and workshops.


No.1 trend abroad and leaders in Greece

Elen's Secret

Handmade soaps, soy candles, perfumes, care products

Energy Therapy

Food and Beverage Activators - Energy jewelry

Vegan Academy

Bars for charity

"Gi ke Igia" farm

Organic Farm

Royal Curry House

Indian and Asian Cuisine

Eva Nature

With respect to nature, to the hands that create, to women.


Support services to improve the lives of citizens

BELLE REVE Vintage Clothes

Handmade polymer clay jewelry and unique Vintage pieces.

Enya Project

Natural personal care products

Aum clothing the soul by Eva

Sacred Geometry, Mandala, Chakra symbols printed on cotton

Psaras book store - Dion publications

The best subject classification available in the alternative book


A space for adults and children.
With yoga classes and trainings.